Information for Poster Presentation

  1. The content of the poster should cover title, objectives, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion.
  2. The poster size must not exceed 90 cm width x 120 cm height.

Information for Oral Presentation

  1. Oral presentations are required to be made by PowerPoint 2003 or higher.
  2. Standard fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman or Cordia New are preferable for the PowerPoint presentation.
  3. All speakers are required to load and check the files in slide loading room at least 2 hours before the presentation
  4. The presentation time for general oral presentation is 15 minutes (12 minutes for presentation + 3 minutes for Q&A). The time for invited presentation is 30 minutes (25 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A).
  5. A PC computer and an LCD projector will be provided.

  Submission Guidelines
  General Information

  1. One presenter can submit only one abstract.
  2. Authors must prepare both abstract and graphical abstract.
  3. Abstract, graphical abstract and full paper must be prepared using PACCON 2019 templates. They will be rejected or returned for format correction before further processing if they do not comply with PACCON 2019 templates.
  4. Abstract, graphical abstract and full paper must be submitted online only.
  5. Abstract can be submitted either for oral or poster presentation. Please note that abstract submitted for oral presentation may be accepted as poster presentation, depending on the available time slot.
  6. All presenters must register and pay the registration fee by DECEMBER 15, 2018, otherwise their abstracts will automatically be withdrawn from the program.
  7. Only ONE full paper can be submitted from ONE accepted abstract.
  8. Accepted abstracts will be available on PACCON 2019 website for download prior to the meeting.
  9. Accepted graphical abstracts will be printed in the Program & Graphical abstract Book.
  10. Accepted full papers will be published as PACCON 2019 proceedings in electronic format.

  Graphical Submission Guidelines (Updated 8-Oct-19)

Only an image should be placed and limited within this box. For ease of reading and understanding, it should have a clear start and end, preferably "reading" from top to bottom, or left to right. Try to eliminate distracting and cluttering elements as much as possible.

  1. Image size ~4.5 cm x 9.0 cm : Please provide an image with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. (the file should not exceed 4 MB)
  2. Font: Please use Times New Roman, Arial, Courier or Symbol font with a large enough font size as the image will be reduced in size to fit to this box.
  3. No additional text, outline or synopsis should be included. Please do not use unnecessary white space or a heading “Graphical Abstract” within the image.
  Abstract Submission Guidelines
  1. Abstract must be prepared using PACCON 2019 abstract template.
  2. Abstract must be written in English and must not exceed 200 words.
  3. Abstract must include upto 5 keywords and may include one photograph (table, diagram is not allowed), but it must not exceed one A4 page.
  4. Name your abstract file as Lastname_Initial_Abstract.doc
  Full Paper Submission Guidelines
  1. Full paper must be prepared using PACCON 2019 full paper template.
  2. Full paper must not exceed six A4 pages.
  3. Full paper must be named as ID…._Full paper.doc, for example, 1234_Full paper.doc
  4. Acceptance of your abstract does not guarantee acceptance of your full paper. Full papers will be subjected to peer reviews.
  5. Full-Paper submission is OPEN until January 31, 2019.

    All accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper (subject to peer-review) to be published in PACCON 2019 web- conference proceedings.

    Selected quality papers, in the area of Materials Science, will be invited to be published in supporting journals:

    Science of Advanced Materials (Impact Factor = 1.318)
    ISSN: 1947-2935;
    **Processing fee: 1,080 USD for each accepted paper

    Key Engineering Materials (Q3, Scopus)
    ISSN: 1662-9795;
    **Processing fee: 5,500 BHT for each accepted paper

    ** Authors are responsible for the manuscript processing fee.


Full Paper Submissions are now open. Please prepare your paper using the template provided in the links below and login to submit.


Special Note for Key Engineering Materials Submission.

  1. Paper should be strictly in the area of materials science. Any paper of “pure” engineering without reference to the materials science will be rejected by scientific editors.
  2. Number of page must be at least 6 pages and not more than 8 pages.
  3. The paper is written in acceptable English.
  Revision Submission Guidelines

  1. Abstract, Graphical and Full paper must be properly revised as required by the reviewers.
  2. Name your revised file as ID…._Abstract_R1.doc, ID…._Graphical_R1.doc or ID…._Full paper_R1.doc for the first revision and change “R1” to “R2” for the second revision, etc.
  3. Respond to the reviewers' comments by attaching a revised file which all the changes are highlighted with color.
  4. Name your revised file with highlight as ID…._Abstract_RH1.doc, ID…._Graphical_RH1.doc or ID…._Full paper_RH1.doc for the first revision and change “RH1” to “RH2” for the second revision, etc.